Construction of glued laminated timber (glulam) houses


Glulam houses are made of glued timber. Although it is a long process, it has many advantages. Only well-dried timber is used to prepare lumber. It is difficult to dry the whole log, so first it is cut into boards. Boards are dried in special drying chambers. They automatically control the temperature, airflow, relative humidity and other parameters.




The dried boards are inspected. Poorly made or defective ones are separated from the rest. Then good ones are cut into the required size panels (wood strips). The finished panels are calibrated and planed. Then they are glued together. For this purpose two-component melamine-urea glue is used. This glue complies with the strict EU standards, which set the requirements for load-bearing structures. Glue mixing and gluing the panels are computerized, so the ratio of adhesive and hardener is perfect for the necessary amount of glue. The glue used for putting the panels together is water- and humidity- resistant. For this reason panels can be used not only for the internal but also external walls.




When the panels are glued, the lumber is planed once again. After that, using a computerized machine, the planed lumber is poured over with glue. For this process a two-component water-based emulsion with isocyanate hardener is used. Then the lumber is pressed with hydraulic press. The glue is well dried after taking the timber out of the press. Then the lumber is planed once again and then profiled.

When building glued timber houses, all the walls and roof structure are fully produced in a manufacturing plant. This way the assemblage of the house at the construction site is faster.




In the manufacturing plant, we impregnate, prime, and paint the produced walls with the colour chosen by a client. When the paint is dry, we transfer the structures to the construction site.

We finish the assemblage of the house at the construction site. Roofing and other construction work will be done later.




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